About Us
PA Distance Learning is a home-based, online charter school that serves students in Kindergarten through grade 12 across Pennsylvania.

Chartered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, PA Distance Learning utilizes a home-based, highly motivated, parent-teacher partnership where students are provided with a state-of-the-art computer system in order to obtain their education.

Through this partnership with parents, PA Distance Learning provides an individualized, personal, one-on-one educational experience unlike anything your student has experienced before. You can take charge of your child’s education personally – backed by a full-time, Highly Qualified faculty. You can school your child at home – without being alone.

PA Distance Learning is the practical option to:
  • The "one-size-fits-all" school model
  • Home schooling alone
  • An assembly line, industrial-style school approach
  • Threatening and bullying atmospheres
  • School district "politics-as-usual"
  • The daily "drama" of many of today's schools
  • One-speed-fits-all approach that penalizes both those who need remedial work and those who want acceleration

At PA Distance Learning we:
  • Believe that a successful student in an online classroom is the product of a strong curriculum and highly engaged parents and teachers.
  • Foster the development of 21st Century skills such as innovative communication techniques, technological proficiency, and the ability to work independently as well as with others – all important skills that are highly valued in today's world.
  • Adapt to different students' learning styles rather than force students to adapt to teaching models that aren't working for them.
  • Create additional learning experiences beyond the virtual classroom.

Daily online lessons are supplemented with an array of curricula that are tailored to the unique needs of online learners at all grade levels. All curriculum offerings allow for evaluation and feedback through assignments and progress monitoring efforts that align with the Pennsylvania Department of Education content area standards and anchors.

Teachers further supplement their classroom curriculum with many multi-sensory tools such as educational websites, interactive tutorials, virtual labs, articles, case studies, and videos as well. We have a unique ability to utilize the educational technology offerings of the Internet to our advantage to create a virtual classroom that goes beyond just the typical textbook or lecture format.

  • Headsprout
  • Starfall
  • Think Central

Elementary (Grades 1-6)
  • Think Central
  • Mifflin Harcourt
  • Creativity Express
  • Tritone Music
  • Brain Pop
  • Brain Pop Jr.
  • Education City
  • eMusic Theory

Physical Education (Grades 1-12)
  • Brain Pop
  • Brain Pop Jr.
  • Kids Health
  • Teens Health
  • Nutrition Explorations
  • PE Central
  • PE Links4U
  • Holt Online

Middle/High School (Grades 7-12)
  • Holt Online
  • Creativity Express
  • Bridges
  • Glencoe
  • Apex
  • eMusic Theory

Honors Courses
  • Offered to qualifying 9th-12th grade students in English, Biology, World History, United States History, Spanish, and Anthropology

Advanced Placement (AP)
  • College-level courses available to juniors and seniors in order to prepare them for the College Board AP exam which can potentially earn them college credit in English Literature, Calculus, Biology, or Chemistry

We are pleased that you are interested in the Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School as an option for quality education. To begin the enrollment process, click on the button below.

Or Call 1-888-997-3352.
"My family and I would like to share our appreciation to all of you at PA Distance Learning. Even though we are part of a cyber school where we communicate through electronics, we feel a part of the community at PA Distance Learning. This is due to the great people who help families like ours who decide to educate their child in an alternative way."
Thank you — Michelle B. (Parent)

"Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all of your hard work and interest in Joseph’s academic success. Words will never describe how wonderful it is to have a support team who cares. There are definitely teachers who still take great pride in their career choice and my son’s team has definitely demonstrated to be such a group. Thank you so much."
Sincerely — Natalia G. (Parent)

"I just wanted to say thank you for being soooooo wonderful in our time of need. It has been a big adjustment and I think we have done well. All the teachers and advisors have been wonderful. My daughter was being bullied for three years and this was our last resort and a good one."
Thank you — Tracy J. (Parent)
PA Distance Learning Charter School
2100 Corporate Drive
Suite 500
Wexford, PA 15090

If you would like to reach out to an Admissions Specialist for more information, please complete the form below.

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